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Posted on 23rd Jul 2021 at 12:52 PM from Coventry
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For many years I have benefitted from the Entrepreneurs Circle (EC). Not only from their world-class marketing ideas and techniques but from better thinking. The quality of one's thinking is biggest factor in success. My thinking has certainly improved over the years. Much of this is thanks to the EC.

But I never intended to join. Like many things, it happened very much by accident. Back in 2009 I had formed a handmade soap company. Like so many new entrepreneurs, I didn't know what I was doing if I am honest. I knew how to make lovely soap but didn't know how to market it.

One day I heard about Sage World. Sage, the accounting software company, were holding a free business event. There were to be speakers, stands and other useful things. It took be a while to realise that, as a business owner, I could decide to go. It was free and getting there was even tax-deductible!

At Sage World I listened to Rob Law of Trunkie, Jo Fairley of Green & Blacks. Then this chap, Nigel Botterill from the Entrepreneurs Circle. Nigel had done his usual great marketing job. He had several bubbly, attractive young girls on the foyer inviting people to his talk. It worked as his stage area was overflowing with people.

There I sat and listened to his encounter with Rick Stein. I heard how 80% of people in business are wrong and I learnt about the power of 90 minutes. Nigel's simplicity and applicability amazed me.

Then came the all important offer. One month free membership and get Nigel's book free. I'll take that thought I. I'll have the book and cancel in the first month. I even got to go to an EC conference during that month held nearby.

Of course I didn't cancel. The EC taught me so much over the next few years. But I eventually closed my business to care for my elderly mother in her final years. Six years later, she passed away and Nigel popped onto my radar again. This time, no hesitation rejoining. It was the beginning of the Pesky Pandemic and Lets Delight needed all the help we could get. True to form the EC delivered.

When in 2021 the EC launched EC Local I knew I wanted to be involved. It's a chance to share what I have learnt with other local businesses. An opportunity for them to benefit in a similar way to I have benefitted. Being a business owner can be difficult. But EC Local is making that role so much easier and I am proud to be a part of that.

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