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Heritage Open Weekend

Posted on 16th Sep 2018 at 8:21 PM from Coventry, UK

This weekend has been the second Heritage Open Weekend of the year. The first being last weekend. Joolz and I have been out and about in Coventry.

It is amazing how many historic and interesting places there are in the towns in which we live but that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we totally fail to notice. Every town and city across the land has a number of hidden gems.

Heritage Open Days provide the excuse and the push to get out and explore. Some of the places that we have visited over the last two days are open at other times of year but we have never visited them. However, over the two days, we have been to over a dozen different locations!

When out and about, we only need to keep our senses tuned into what is around us to appreciate more of our surroundings. Instead of concerning our minds with what is happening tomorrow or about the latest Facebook post, take note of the buildings on the street and the history all around. It is surprising just how much of interest is all around every one of us if we just take a moment to observe. Plus, when we are present in the moment and present in our surrounding, we better equip ourselves to deal with the problems of life.

Next year Joolz and I will again be participating in Heritage Open Days but we will not be waiting all year to look around us and see what gems are nearby.

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