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Welcome marketing

Posted on 12th Apr 2018 at 1:31 PM from Warwick, UK

When you hear the words 'marketing' or 'advertising', what image springs into your mind?
Is it something positive or do you feel pestered and disturbed?

For most people 'marketing' has a negative feel. Something unwanted being forced on them. But welcome marketing is totally different...

The best kind of advertising informs and provides solutions. The very best advertising does this at just the right time.

We all know how annoying adverts on the television can be - they appear just at the point when you are totally engrossed in the programme. The last thing you want is information about something that you are not interested in, interrupting your viewing experience. This really is unwelcome marketing.

At the other end of the scale is an advert for exactly what you need, delivered at the time when you are in a position to buy. Or at least when you are prepared to properly take a look. A great example happened to me very recently.

As you probably know - I have mentioned it once or twice! - I am in the process of obtaining planning permission for a new house next to my mother's. I am looking for professional builders ready for when the planning permission is in place and two companies have sent me their marketing. Both of these were welcome marketing but one still went in the bin and the other is sitting on my desk waiting for the time when I'll need it.

So what was the difference?
Quite simply the presentation. The one I kept talked about how they could solve my problems whereas the other told me how good they are. The one I kept left it up to me to make the next step, the other wanted a time for them to contact me. And perhaps more importantly to me, the one I kept used their own domain name for their email address instead of a generic Hotmail or Gmail address.

To provide welcome marketing requires some thought about who is your target customer, what they want to hear, when they want to hear it and how they can be reached. Additionally the little details are extremely important. Delivering welcome marketing is not easy - but it does provide excellent results...

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