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New beginnings

Posted on 3rd Apr 2017 at 4:18 PM from Warwick, UK

It is April already! A quarter of the way through 2017... But this April marks a number of new beginnings for me and to mark the occasion the garden is bursting into life!

As I have said here before, I organise my life into 3 week chunks and then have a week to reflect, relax, plan and generally take stock. That week has just passed and the new 3 week cycle starts today.

New on my routine this time is a slot for 'gardening'. The garden is bursting into life and when the sun is out, I like to try and get as much of my paperwork and laptop work done sat outside enjoying the weather. Therefore I appreciate a pretty garden.

There is a little bit of ground alongside the garage at the end of the patio that has been a bit of a dumping ground for a few years. Old pots, a half bag of compost, a few concrete blocks and other assorted 'stuff' has all collected there. So today in the sunshine I have got off to a good start and cleared nearly everything from that area. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but it looks better already.

In fact I looked at this little patch of ground and thought: "how am I ever going to sort that out?". But in less than 40 minutes it had been transformed from a dumping ground to a clear area full of possibilities. I even found time to plant strawberries and heather in an old chiminea that had blown over during the winter and lost its chimney!

I had been putting off this job that I didn't want to start. Yet when I started, very quickly I made a huge difference which inspired me to do a bit more and make a bit more of a difference. At the end I felt accomplished and happy with my progress. All because I took the first step and started.

What are you putting off that you want to get started? I am sure there is something...
Why not follow my lead and make a start - you never know where it might lead you!

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

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Chris Williams

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