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Laws, spirits and ways

Posted on 16th May 2016 at 9:41 PM from Warwick, UK
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In the first part of my look at the EU Referendum I'm looking at a country's identity, and thus at what makes up the identity of its people. Its Laws, Spirit and its Ways.

Every country on the planet has a unique heritage. Some are only recent with little history whilst others have many centuries that have moulded and formed what they are today.

The countries of Europe are no exception to this, they are all different from each other. When we think of a French man we may picture a chap on a bike with a stripy shirt and onions draped around his neck. No doubt he is on his way to a glass of wine. The Germans are likely to be jollily drinking beer overflowing from a large handled mug. Whilst these stereotypes are no more correct than that of us brits sipping tea from a china cup whilst talking about the weather, they do show that each country has a diverse and unique set of ways. This enriches Europe, not diminishes it. Let's keep the rice identity of each nation and not dilute it through ever closer union.

The British justice system and rule of law has been exported to other countries, partly due to the empire. However, this is not to say that other European countries have adopted our judicial principles. Indeed most European countries have a very different system to our own. This is not to say that ours is better, just different. But a set of laws is part of what defines a country. The ever burgeoning raft of legislation dictated by the EU is rapidly diluting this distinction and removing the identity of member nations.

Our spirit is the intrinsic manner in which the people of a nation view the world. Some countries look at things with enthusiasm, others with optimism. Whichever way it is, it is a result of the collective education and upbringing of the people of that nation. When one spends any time in a country the underlying view of its people becomes apparent and again this is an intangible part of the identity of a country.

The Laws, Spirit and Way of a nation are what define its identity. If you believe that the identity of Great Britain is important and worth defending then this can only be achieved by leaving the EU. Staying in will only continue to dilute that identity until it is only a historical curiosity.

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