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Just Do It

Posted on 20th Sep 2015 at 12:23 PM from Warwick

When Dan Wieden came up with the Nike slogan in 1988 I wonder if he had any idea how iconic the trademarked words would become.

These three simple words have come to embody so many things in the nearly three decades since they first appeared. No doubt this was helped by the high budget advertising campaign that Nike used to launch the slogan. This featured many top athletes.

However, it isn't just the world of sport and athletics that can make use of Just Do It. They are equally applicable to business and to our personal lives.

An example of Just Do It happened this morning for me. Sunday is the only day I get to have a bit of a lay in and today it was a bit more of a lay in than usual. So this morning I really didn't feel like doing my daily exrcises but I knew that they are important to my long term physical health. Because I have developed some self disipline I just got on with it despite not wanting to. The strange thing is that I pounded through my exercise session with more vigour than usual and finished feeling great that I had completed it.

Sometimes Just Do It provides better results when we really don't want to do it. When we push ourselves to Just Do It we build our self disipline and prove to ourselves that the things we want to do really are important. And having done it, we can feel great about ourself...

There is no greater feeling or reward for a life well lived then that of feeling good about ourself.
So don't put it off - Just Do It!

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Chris Williams

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