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Just do something

Posted on 17th Dec 2014 at 6:41 PM from Warwick
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Part 3 of a short series...
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If you are like me, there will be times when you really don't feel like doing what you know you should. Sometimes the drive and enthusiasm just disappears and it is really difficult to start the next task that was planned.

Well don't! Why force yourself?
Sure, if there is a deadline for it to be completed tomorrow and the consequences of not getting it done are huge...then you need to push yourself.

But otherwise, why not just leave it until you feel more like it. When you have more enthusiasm and motivation. That way you will almost certainly do a better job, you won't resent your ToDo List and you won't wear down your mental batteries.

However, this is not a recommendation that you put your feet up, laze in front of the television and do nothing. Instead of doing what you had planned, to something else. Do something that might be less important but something that will still move you closer to your goals. Just start a simple task and get a little done. That way you know you are making progress on your journey to a better place.

When you really don't feel like doing what you should do, don't beat yourself up - just do something!

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

Most people have a few bad habits that don't always serve them or help them achieve and everyone knows how difficult it is to change.

Ian has outlined a simple and effective way to replace bad habits with good success habits which will help those that follow it achieve their goals.

Chris Williams

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