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Pens and Swords

Posted on 23rd Jun 2014 at 10:54 PM from Warwick
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There is an old adage that "The pen is mightier than the sword". I understand that this generally means that the written word can change the course of history more effectively than violent revolt or that administrative power is greater than military power. But today I have learnt a new meaning of this wise old saying.

Today has been a day of many tribulations and severe frustrations. It has been the kind of day that can be objectively looked back upon in future days as one of those furnaces of a day in which character is forged.

Earlier I was at the point taking up a metaphorical sword and charging my way through the problems that have been stacked up in front of me. There is little doubt that this action would be intensified the troubles. However, after taking my mind off things for a bit with distractions in the garden my mind was somewhat cleared and I set about tackling the problems...with a pen and paper.

First I wrote down a list of all the issues of concern onto the paper. To my surprise, the list was substantially shorter on paper than the same list had appeared in my head. This in itself was some consolation. Then I rearranged them into an approximate order of importance and found further solice from noting the ones at the bottom now seemed trivial or likely to sort themselves out.

Concentrating on the the remaining troubles I wrote a few tasks that I could do immediately to address these which significantly reduced the perceived size of these problems. Finally I set about making a start on dealing with them, mostly by finding information online. Already, within a few hours, the once seemingly insummountable obstacles have been rendered nothing more inconvenient issues with which I must deal.

Pen and paper and a little time well spent have transformed a situation of hopelessness into one of clarity and belief in my abilities to succeed.

Today the pen has certainly been mightier than the sword and has served me well.

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