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One of those days

Posted on 15th May 2014 at 10:03 PM from Warwick

Today has been 'one of those days'
I'm sure you know what I mean; a lethargic day where every task seems difficult and where motivation is in sort supply.

I was certainly in no rush to get out of bed this morning and facing the tasks of the day has been done with a large dose of apathy. I was expectinghat by now as the day draws to a close I would have completed very little.

However, I have a secret weapon! I have a Daily Routine which lists the tasks I attempt to complete everyday in an approximate order of importance. On a day like today I simply accept that doing anything that moves my life forward is better than doing nothing even if it is not the most important task. So armed with this philosophy I have steadily been doing the tasks of my Daily Routine and at the close of the day I find that there are significantly more ticks than empty spaces on my Daily Routine.

Some of the important tasks have not been completely but lots of things have been accopmlished. I feel sure that without the tool of a Daily Routine I would have simply drifted through the day and acheived very little, certainly less than I've done today.

Tonight I can go to bed safe in the knowledge that I have had a successful day thanks to a little positive planning. Before I head to bed I have one more task to tick off, writing this blog post!

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

Most people have a few bad habits that don't always serve them or help them achieve and everyone knows how difficult it is to change.

Ian has outlined a simple and effective way to replace bad habits with good success habits which will help those that follow it achieve their goals.

Chris Williams

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