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Express Day

Posted on 24th Mar 2014 at 4:34 PM from Warwick

This weekend I've been to Express Day which is the company's annual convention. In most jobs people have to be forced to attend such events especially on a weekend! But with Utility Warehouse people really look forward to going along and the atmosphere is always amazing when so many positively happy and motivated people get together. That's what makes Network Marketing so special and so different from virtually every other indsutry.

This year was my third time at Express Day and it was by far the best in terms of announcements, energy and pure enjoyment. But I do wonder if that is totally about the event or whether actually my personal growth has played a significant role in that.

One of the great benefits of any good network marketing company is the journey of personal development. Everyone who is successful in the industry has learned that the only way to have more is to become more. I have grown as a person beyond any expectation in the two years that I have been involved in networking marketing with Utility Warehouse and I can confidently say that it is one of the best decisions I ever made.

So perhaps the content and atmosphere of this year's Express Day is only partly to blame for my immense enjoyment of the day. The rest is me being ready for the day in a way that I hadn't been in previous years. Plus it hasn't stopped with the weekend as now at the start of the new week I am full of enthusiasm and energy.

Network Marketing is something I'd recommend to anyone looking for self improvement...it certainly won't let anyone down who puts in a little effort.

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

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Chris Williams

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