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Posted on 22nd Dec 2013 at 8:26 PM from Warwick

This Christmas time I decided that I will be taking two weeks off from work...because I can! I am wanting to review the methods I use to set and work on goals and Christmas and New Year seem to be the perfect time for this.

So I was thinking exactly what I mean by time off from work. There are still things that I absolutely must do to keep my life, my mother's life and PatchDog's life moving forwards and enjoyable.

Mother is not especially demanding and other than making sure she is fed there is little that needs doing. PatchDog is equally undemanding but I am aware that it would be all too easy to leave him out and only give him a walk in the morning then leave him all day until his dinner and fusses at night, something I need to make a concerted effort to avoid.

So then there are my obligations to myself. As a Network Marketing Professional I know that the festive period is an ideal time for prospecting so I cannot give up on that or on offering support for my team as they do the same. I have however stopped doing all meetings and administration. In all other areas of my life I have cut out everything except the essentials such as taking backups, balancing the accounts and other necessary tasks.

To accomplish this I have taken my daily routine and removed most of the tasks from it leaving only the most important ones including Patch's walk and my medication. I have also got a new reporters notepad for a special ToDo List for the break. This is a list of things I want to get done rather than things that need doing.

I hate being inactive. I don't manage sitting around very well but equally I know I need a good break from the usual routine. Therefore I taken all the pressure off but given myself enough routine to keep me going and created a list of tasks that should keep me going when I run out of things to do...

Well that's it until after Boxing Day.
Once that is over I will be turning my attention to a new regime of goal setting and achieving but until then I am having a few quiet days spending some quality time relaxing with my family.

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

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