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Christmas Cards

Posted on 19th Dec 2013 at 5:39 PM from Warwick
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Christmas is always a time to get back in touch with those friends and family that one doesn't talk to very much during the year. And what better way to keep in touch than with a Christmas card?

But with so many cards arriving, most people give them a quick glance before adding them to the growing collection or the wall! Simply adding a sheet inside the card with one's contact details can make a huge difference especially for folks that haven't been in touch for a long time.

Hopefully by now you've posted all the cards you plan to send as today is the last Royal Mail 1st class posting day for Christmas. I sent most of mine 2nd class the day before the deadline but then remembered a few more people to whom I wanted to send a card so they have now gone. The last few cards are all ready for hand delivery over the next few days.

Happy card writing and enjoy reading all the ones you receive before putting them up.

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