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What's on your business card?

Posted on 22nd Oct 2013 at 10:41 PM from Warwick

This evening I have been catching up. I have been entering the information off a pile of business cards into my CRM system. I have collected the business cards from a number of networking meetings that I have been to over the past few weeks. Normally I enter these within 2 days of the meeting but currently I am quite a way behind with a number of administrative tasks such as this one.

It has never struck me before but this evening I noticed how few business cards have a Twitter username on them. Very few have any social media information even the cards of social media experts!

Adding Google , Facebook, LinkedIn and other information can be tricky. But Twitter is especially easy to include, especially easy to connect and extremely useful in business. It is therefore quite surprising how few business cards include this simple information!

Then I looked at my own business cards...
And guess what?
Just like most other people there is no social media information on my business cards either! I include it prominently in my e-mail signatures and at the top of my website as you have probably noticed. But none of my current business cards include this useful information.

Fortunately, both of the most used business cards that I have are due to have a new batch printed before very long. Needless to say I will be including social media information on all of these in future.

So what about your business cards?
Do they include social media information?
It is certainly an easy way to stand out from the crowd which is all important in today's business environment.

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