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Mobile perseverence pays off

Posted on 1st Oct 2013 at 8:46 PM from Shoples, Warwick

Since I changed my mobile phone, I have not made any blog posts! This is far from coincidental. I have written most of my blog posts on my previous mobile phone which had a physical QWERTY keyboard. My current phone is with out this feature and so I thought it was going to be virtually impossible to make blog posts from my mobile.

However, I was determined that I would still be able to make blog posts as this is a very good use of what could otherwise be wasted time. So I have persevered with the Google speech to text system incorporated on Android. And guess what? It is working!

I thought that my previous Nokia phone did everything that I possibly needed in a mobile but since I have changed my phone I have realised just how far technology has moved in a couple of short years.

Being able to write this simply by speaking at my phone really is amazing. And I wonder where technology will take us over the next few years.

I'm rather glad that I persevered with this technology and had some determination to be able to effectively write blog posts again. The fact is that although it has taken a little getting used to, adopting the new technology has actually made blog posts even quicker and easier.

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