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New House

Posted on 19th Jul 2013 at 10:47 PM from Warwick
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What a week it has been...
It's Friday evening and I am sat in the garden of my house in Warwick with PatchDog laying at my feet. He is not too keen on the hot weather as, unlike you and me, he wears his warm fur coat all day, every day!

But this Friday is special as it marks the end of our first week here in our new house in Warwick. I'm renting a second house so I can be close to my aging mother, so I can be with Patch and so I can build my businesses here as well as in Manchester.

Tuesday we return to our Manchester home for a few days. But this week has proved that having our own place in Warwick is much easier and very workable. It is also proof that mind-storming and goal-setting really does work.

It was during a mind-storming session that the idea of having a second home first came up. And it has been consistent goal-setting and goal-planning that it has become a reality. Not only am I a big fan of mind-storming and goals but I know from first hand experience that they work. The very fact that I am here is testiment to that.

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Chris Williams

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