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Networking in Warwick

Posted on 20th Jun 2013 at 8:37 PM from Warwick
Listening to Question Time on TV

I have been doing some business networking for a little over 2 years. But last month I decided to step it up a level and I'm planning to try and attend at least one networking event per week. As I am spending increasingly large amounts of time Warwick it makes sense for me to start networking here.

Today I started that process and used an idea that I learned some time ago from Nigel Botterill (@nigelbotterill). I went to South Warwickshire Business Club this afternoon. It was perhaps the best networking event I have ever been to. Certainly to be recommended and I will hopefully be returning before too long.

The meeting was relaxed, informal but with enough structure that everyone had an opportunity to be involved and there was no chance of anyone getting left out. There was no pressure to provide referrals. Plus there was a very pleasant dinner followed by Bernie Desouza who was a great speaker.

When I arrived at the meeting I was in good spirits, full of energy and in a positive frame of mind. I put this down to deliberately listening to upbeat, powerful and loud music during the 20 minute journey there. This is something I picked up from Nigel Botterill quite some time ago. It was something I'd forgotten but for some reason I woke up and remembered this small nugget of information. And it worked!

So in future I will be putting on some powerful music whenever I go to a networking meeting or to meet with clients. It certainly seemed to make a difference. Once I get back home to Manchester I shall be making a couple of music CDs specifically for this purpose.

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