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Affirmation of the week

Posted on 15th Apr 2013 at 3:20 PM from Shoples HQ, Manchester
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I've used affirmations for a long time. Statements that I read out loud every night before I settle down for sleep. But I've never been totally convinced at the effectiveness of them. They certainly help if I'm having difficulty with a problem and can refer to them but I'm not sure they do much more.

Over the weekend I read about a different approach to affirmations...to pick one each week and display it around the house. The affirmation I picked is shown and explained below but first here's how it works.
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The Magic of 3 Weeks.

Most people have a few bad habits that don't always serve them or help them achieve and everyone knows how difficult it is to change.

Ian has outlined a simple and effective way to replace bad habits with good success habits which will help those that follow it achieve their goals.

Chris Williams

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