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Out for dinner

Posted on 25th Feb 2013 at 11:09 PM from Warwick
Listening to Wonders of Life on Television

Today I've had a day off from cooking for my mother which is nice in itself. But what was even better was that mother and I were invited over by our friend Angela. And she cooked a really nice curry.

The food was great, not having to cook it was very welcome and the company was amazing. More and more I am realising that there seem to be two very distinct ways that people view food.

People like my mother look at food as a necessity to sustain life and are driven by what is easy and what requires using up. This is totally different to me who views food as an event to be savoured. To me, eating is a time to get away from distractions like television, phones and daily pressures.

Food to me is as much about how it's presented and who it is eaten with as it is about the food itself. I despair when I see mismatched plates, interruptions from phones and similar distractions. None of these seem to trouble my mother in the slightest which puts us on a different wavelength at mealtimes.

I feel sorry for people who do not see food in a similar all encompassing way to the view I hold. But it is only recently that I've become aware of these two fundementally different considerations of food. Now I need to learn to accept that others think differently and somehow ensure that I respect their view without compromising my own desire and need to fully embrace the entire experience of enjoying food.

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