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Searching with pictures

Posted on 15th Feb 2013 at 12:33 PM from Shoples HQ, Manchester
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I've just found out about a handy little search option that Google now provides. It is one of those features that I can see being really useful but right now I can't think of a use for it...

But anyway - as I've only just come across it I thought I'd share it.

Google has recently overhauled it's very useful image search facility. And as part of that overhaul it has added a really clever search option.

Start by going to Google Images and on the search bar you will find a small camera icon. Click on this and you will be able to provide the URL of an image on the internet or upload an image file from your computer.

Once an image is uploaded, not only will Google find pages that feature that image but it will also suggest what it calls visually similar images. This part can produce some strange results and while I was testing this Google decided that a pair of ladies shoes was visually similar to my picture at the head of this page!!!

So there you have it.
A new Google image feature that I am sure is very useful for something although I haven't actually worked out what yet. And the less useful side effect of me being compared to a pair of shoes!

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