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Where am I?

Posted on 14th Feb 2013 at 10:11 PM from Shoples HQ, Manchesr

Earlier this evening I seriously wondered where I was...and it was a very strange feeling made even more wierd because it transpired that I was actually in my own living room!

Yesterday we had a friend round for dinner and had a lovely relaxing evening. But it wasn't a late night and I wasn't late going to bed. I had a new book to start and made sure I didn't spend too long reading before settling down for sleep. I even set my alarm later than usual and got up this morning feeling completely refreshed.

Today has been quite relaxed getting through plenty of work
this morning then taking PatchDog out for a nice walk in the sun this afternoon. Once back I spent a couple of hours chopping firewood as the sun was out. But then I sat down with a coffee and it seems I fell asleep...

Next thing I knew my mobile was ringing and I was laying in the dark snuggled upto a sleeping PatchDog. I knew I wasn't in my bed but had no idea where I was or what was happening. I guess I must have been pretty soundly asleep!

I've now completed a few tasks off my ToDo List and eaten dinner (one of the most important things in my day). Now to do my daily Goal Setting and then for an early night...hope I get to sleep alright tonight...

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