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Wheel of Life

Posted on 23rd Jan 2013 at 9:47 PM from Shoples HQ, Manchester
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Anyone who knows anything about me knows that goals are extremely important to me. I set short term goals on a daily basis and every three weeks I have a thorough planning weekend which includes a review of my long term goals. But what I talk about less is another part of that planning weekend, the Wheel of Life.

Each planning weekend I plot, on a 6 spoked wheel, how I rate my life over the last 3 weeks in each of 6 areas of my life. Each spoke corresponds to a life area.

This gives an immediate indication of where my life is lacking and therefore where I most need to concentrate my efforts. In the case of the last 2 planning weekends it has been 'Discovery & Adventure' that has been in need of attention.

Having this kind of clarity about one's life is very helpful in making decision and searching out opportunities. When I heard about the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society I did not hesitate to find out more and to go to one of there lectures.

This evening I have been out to Manchester University for a very interesting lecture on The Science of Insomnia. I am pleased to report that I didn't fall asleep! I did though enhance my experiences, meet some new people and generally moved myself towards a more balanced life, a more round Wheel of Life.

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

Most people have a few bad habits that don't always serve them or help them achieve and everyone knows how difficult it is to change.

Ian has outlined a simple and effective way to replace bad habits with good success habits which will help those that follow it achieve their goals.

Chris Williams

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