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Office space

Posted on 5th Jul 2012 at 7:22 PM from Manchester
Listening to Eric Clapton :: Knocking On Heaven's Door

For quite a long time my office here at home was the dining room table. The arrangement worked well but every meal time I had to move my laptop and associated paperwork which was a bit of a pain but nothing too major. Then the cold of winter came and I decided to put a desk in my living room to free up my dining table for eating off and also save money on heating several rooms.

This worked well for a quite a while but the longer term plan always was to use the smallest bedroom as a home office. But the tasks of making this happen (putting down carpet, putting up curtains, etc.) were too easy to put off until another day. But a week ago it happened and I moved into my new office and very good it is too :)

But like all things, not everything is perfect. When I was working in the living room I was next to the kitchen and I could smell food when it was ready. Now I am much further from the kitchen and tonight I started cooking, got distracted scheduling tweets for the next few days and cremated my fish......not a good result!

It seems like everything in life is a bit like this. It is too easy to see the benefits of what we want and completely miss the drawbacks, or worse choose to ignore them, until we have it. Conversely almost without exception every seemingly bad situation has some good hidden away.....and the benefits can be huge if we take the time to search for that good.

PatchDog certainly found some good this evening - he got some tasty but overcooked food that he wasn't expecting!!!

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