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A Simple Smile

Posted on 10th Jan 2013 at 2:38 PM from Nutsford Vale

Having managed to avoid the horrid lurgy that has been going around over Christmas and New Year, a few days ago it paid me a visit. Enevitable really but it has meant that PatchDog has not been out for a proper walk for a few day.

Today we're changing that and currently out on a longish walk. I've stopped to post this halfway through our walk.

As I entered the field we're in now, a chap passed me on a bike and as he did he simply smiled and nodded. This is quite unusual in inner city Manchester where I live. His simple act of smiling lifted my mood from good to slightly better.

It only took him a moment, it cost him nothing and yet it had a positive effect on me. I suspect it had a positive effect on him too.

So wear a smile on your face today. You will almost certainly feel better for it and who knows who else you will effect in a positive way?

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