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Birmingham Meeting

Posted on 11th Dec 2012 at 10:41 PM from Warwick

This evening I have been to a Utility Warehouse meeting in Birmingham with a couple in my downline. It was nice to be given a lift as I virtually always have to drive to such meetings. But, living in Manchester, I usually go to meetings in Manchester and this time I went to Birmingham because I'm staying at my mother's.

Being quite a way from home I was surprised to walk in and immediately meet up with someone from my upline! Then quickly to meet up with another lady that I already knew from previous training. Far from knowing nobody, surprisingly I knew half a dozen different people.

It just goes to show how quickly one gets to know to people simply by attending meetings and training. And the thing that always amazes me about people within Utility Warehouse is that everyone is always so friendly, so happy and so motivated. The business just doesn't attract gloomy people!

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