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Taking Control of my jukebox

Posted on 1st Dec 2012 at 11:06 PM from Shoples HQ, Manchesr
Listening to Suzanna Vega :: Blood Sings

Today I travelled back home after another stint looking after my mother. I had stayed a day longer than intended as she has a cold on top of her other ailments. By the time I got home Les had already gone out as she is off with her brother to see a band in Wolverhampton tonight.

So it is just PatchDog and me. Naturally he was really happy to see me home. But somehow I felt very out of place. The responsibilty of looking after my mother was over for a short time and it is too far into the weekend to start getting straight back into the swing of work here in Manchester - that can wait until tomorrow, or even Monday.

Instead of letting a evening pass by without accomplishing anything, Patch and I have been spending time warming ourselves in front of the woodburner and I have been sorting out my jukebox. Some years ago a laptop keyboard failed so I decided an ideal use for the machine would be as a music player that could be controlled remotely. So over a few months I set about writing my own jukebox application that could be controlled from any web browser. All worked well except it needed Internet Explorer which is OK on a laptop but since it was written, mobile phone browsers have become better, but it hasn't worked with them.

But this evening that has changed. Thanks to a bit of internet research, some trial and error and a bit of luck, my jukebox can be controlled from my mobile phone. The webpage for this control is not very good on my mobile but it works and improving the look can be done in the future.

My evening has turned out to be relaxing, different to working, enjoyable and also productive! This advance should mean I skip songs I don't want to listen to more often and also will stop us having to put up with obscure material during dinner time.

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