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Goal of a nice meal.

Posted on 3rd Nov 2012 at 8:19 PM from Shoples HQ, Manchester

This week I have achieved the start of a goal that I've been working on for a few weeks now. It is a very simple goal but one that I am delighted to have now started to enjoy. My goal was very simple:
"I have friends round for dinner and we share good company at least once per month"

Food has always been important to me and I always eat at the dining table even when I am on my own. In too many households everyone eats on their lap watching television. Not only does this suppress communication in a detrimental way, especially to children, but also I for one struggle to comfortably eat on my lap - I am forever trying to keep my meal level to stop it slopping over the edge of the plate which causes me to rush my food. Then there is the inconvenience of passing the salt between people who are not sat around the same table not to mention having to get up and go to the kitchen to put more vegetables on the plate if they have not been served at the table.

In the past I used to infrequently entertain guests over dinner but in recent years it has become so infrequent to effectively not happen. Added to that I have a number of friends that I really would love to get to know better and there is no better place than at the dinner table. It is part of a bigger goal to surround myself with intellectual people, the sort of people who I admire and wish to be more like.

So Thursday I invited my friends from Utility Warehouse, Paula and Rob, round for dinner. This turned out to be more stressful than planned as an afternoon customer meeting had run on longer than I expected which left me less time to cook fishcake starter followed by keleftico, stuffed peppers and cous cous. But everything worked out perfectly and the food was on time and enjoyable.

Even better was that by continually and consistently having my goal in the front of my mind I took the steps necessary to bring about the evening. My goal achievement gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and the last two days I have been in an extremely happy mood because of both the lovely evening we all enjoyed and also that the goal had been realised.

Already my next guests have been invited for a couple of weeks time and already my mind is planning the food and the other aspects of the evening. I am looking forwards to entertaining again and simply having something positive to look forwards to brings with it a unique type of joyful focus.

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