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Passage of time.

Posted on 19th Oct 2012 at 10:50 PM from Warwick

I sometime cannot believe how much time can pass me by without me noticing. Writing in this blog is a real example of how quickly time passes. I keep meaning to write a new post and then think I'll do it later...or I'll do it tomorrow.

Guess what - it just doesn't get done!

I've just looked and was really surprised to see how much time has passed while I have been saying "later" or "tomorrow". It is nearly three weeks since I last wrote anything into my blog!

But I should not be too surprised because this is exactly what happens when we do not apply consistency and accountability to the things we want to get done. We put it off until tomorrow because it will wait.

Just think for a moment about brushing your teeth. Most people brush theiir teeth everyday, probably more than once per day. If we miss a day then our teeth don't suddenly rot and fall out but miss out brushing for long enough and the chances are that the teeth will suffer.

And so it has to be with everything that is important to us - we must make time to do whatever it is everyday without fail. That is consistency!
And if we hold ourself accountable or have someone else hold us accounable then so much the better. For me I hold myself accountable by having a Daily Routine where I tick off daily tasks giving a visual record of my progress.

So take a few minutes to decide on the tasks that you need to do consistently to get the results you want to get. Then make time to do them consistently everyday and hold yourself accountable. Otherwise a surprising amount of time will simply pass you by.

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Chris Williams

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