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Holiday Relaxation

Posted on 14th Sep 2012 at 10:52 AM from Marham, Norfolk
Listening to Train :: This Is Not A Drive By

It has certainly been good to get away to my sister's in a remote part of Norfolk for a week. Here there is no internet access other than on my phone and although I've brought a laptop with me, it hasn't been switched on at all. I deliberately didn't bring any routine work with me and the only work related things I did bring was a worksheet to help with long term goal plannning but haven't even looked at it partly as there isn't a desk on even a table here.

One thing notable that has happened is that my getting up time has been getting later. I don't especially like this but I'm not letting it worry me too much either. I think it is partly the fresh air, partly the lack of anything to do in the evenings but mostly the simple fact that I have nothing of importance to get up for. Nothing I am doing here gets me any closer to my long term goals so whilst it is good to relax and recharge, nothing here is terribly important.

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Chris Williams

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