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Wolferton Royal Station

Posted on 10th Sep 2012 at 9:00 PM from Marham, Norfolk

Yesterday we travelled across country from my mother's in the Midlands to my sister's in Norfolk. The journey was a bit of a memory test as it is a very long time since I last drove here and I didn't use my satnav so I could show Lesley some of the sights along the way which would have otherwise been bypassed.

Today has been our first day here and we travelled upto Hunstanton for a walk on the beach with PatchDog. Then we took a detour to the village of Wolferton as my sister had said there was a privately owned preserved railway station that was worth looking at.

We had no idea what to expect but what we found exceeded anything we could have hoped for. When the rural station closed in the late 1960's the signal box on one side of the road and the two station buildings on the other were bought and converted into residences. But all three buildings have been developed retaining their character as railway building.

One has taken it further. Wolferton Royal Station has a sign on the gate inviting the public to walk along the platform and encouaging photography. Along the beautifully restored platform were benches inviting us to sit and rest for a while, period luggage and trolleys and even complimentary postcards.

This is a very worthwhile place to visit and I'd recommend it to anyone in the Kings Lynn area. It was certainly the highlight of my day.

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