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Warwick Library

Posted on 1st Sep 2012 at 10:32 PM from Warwick

I have been most impressed today by Warwick Library.
I'm extremely excited, probably more excited than I should be, but I'm now a member of Warwick Library :)

Today is market day in Warwick so I took my mother for a walk around and then headed to the library. I came here almost at the end of the book I'm reading and really wanted something to follow it. I make sure that I read every night a bit of a business book. Sometimes it is 10 or so pages but even if it's just one paragraph I make sure I read a little every night.

So today I went into Warwick Library and borrowed a book on my mother's ticket. While I was there I enquired as to whether I could be a member and found that they have temporary membership for anyone staying in the area for between 8 days and 8 weeks.......so temporary membership I have and this excites me greatly.

Although the library doesn't have any books that I would buy to read at the moment it has a small selection of business and life skill books and reading something instructional is certainly better than reading nothing.

So tonight I start reading "Start Your Business in 7 Days" by James Caan. I'm sure I shall pick up some good information from it and will maintain the consistency of reading every night.

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Chris Williams

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