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Garden Progress

Posted on 18th Aug 2012 at 5:19 PM from Denton, Manchester

I've been back home from my mother's for a week now and things have started to happen with my garden. I'd drawn up a few rough plans but I'm not happy with any of them. It would be very easy to let this delay things but one thing that was immediately apperent once I started drawing plans was that I want a small gravelled area, surrounded by shrubs, suitable for a bistro table and two chairs.

So instead of dwelling on the things that haven't been decided and which could hold me up I've made a decision where my gravelled area is going and set about digging it out. It's proving much slower going than I expected as I'm having to cut through several tree roots but some progress has been made each day.

By simply setting aside 20 minutes per day and making sure I fill that time with activity, I am making sure that the garden is moving forwards. Plus it keeps the project at the front of my mind which means that new ideas for the garden keep coming and keep getting incorporated into the plans.

Firm plans and consistent effort will result in a great garden for me.....and applying the same principles in any area of our lives is sure to create momentum which leads to success!

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Chris Williams

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