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Paying The Price.....

Posted on 12th Aug 2012 at 1:12 PM from Mother's patio in Warwick

Ask anybody and they will be able to think of things in life that they haven't got, but which they would like. Some people already have a clear list of what is lacking in their life, others will make it up on the spot.

Whether it is some possession, holiday, relationship or skill I have yet to meet anyone you really wants nothing more in their life than they already have and I sincerely hope I never do meet such a person.

But it is my belief that everyone can have whatever thay want provided they are prepared to pay the price. Clearly there are some limitations on this but for most of us those limitations are much further away then we imagine.

I'm writing this after making a decision about my garden back in Manchester. It is not large and it certainly isn't cared for! But some weeks ago Lesley was saying how nice it would be to have a pleasant outdoor space that we could use as part of our living area and of course I agreed.....I'm sure everyone would like that. My initial reaction was that it would be a lovely idea to have a nice garden but that I really do not have the time or desire to do the work needed to create and maintain a nice garden. In other words the price was too high for me - it was nothing more than a dream.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised how niced it is to sit outside, the more I thought it might be worth th effort. So I made it a goal that I will have a pleasant garden to relax in. And something I have found here at my mother's is that sitting outside (as I am right now writing this) helps my clarity of thinking, increases my relaxation and generally increases my feeling of wellbeing.

So I have resolved that not only will a nice a garden be a goal but that a session of gardening will be included in my Daily Routine. That way each and every day I will do something on my garden to help me move closer to having a pleasant outdoor space of my own.

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