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Opposing Opinions

Posted on 3rd Aug 2012 at 8:57 PM from Warwick

It is now a week since the majority of people watched the specticle that was the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Everbody I met for the next few days I asked what they thought of the event just as pleasant conversation. But I was quite surprised by the answers I got. So much so that I went out of my way to ask more and more people.

What I discovered was that people either thought the opening ceremony was marvellous or they thought it was terrible - there were no inbetweens! But asking people why they held their opinion was the interesting part.

When asked what they thought of Paul McCartney's performance, those that loved the event agreed that Macca was poor. But when people who thought the whole thing to be useless would agree that the smokestacks rising from the ground was good and clever.

Different people saw the same event made up of lots of various parts and some concentrated on the best bits and enjoyed the overall ceremony. Others missed out on the enjoyment because they chose to concentrate on the worst bits.......it's an example on how people view all sorts of aspects of life but the best part is that it is our choice what we concentrate on.

Life looks much better when we concentrate on the beauty in our world and don't dwell so much on the problems.

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