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Filling the cracks of the day

Posted on 30th Jul 2012 at 11:43 AM from Mother's patio in Warwick

Recently I've noticed alot of people say that they are already very busy in their life and that they don't have time to do this, that or the other. It might be keeping up with old friends, cooking dinner for someone special, starting a part-time business or learning a new skill. My guess is that people have always thought and said these things but only recently have I particularly noticed it.

It's certainly true that we are all busy and that we all have a long list of things that need doing whether it's written down or in our head. That's just a fact of life.

But it does seem that some people manage to accomplish many, many times more then others in the same time. And I don't think they are doing anything extraordinary. Instead they have discovered the cracks in the day - those little bits between events that suck our time away......it literally disappears down the crack in the day.

Taking a little time to plan our days and break tasks down into small chunks can mean that we are ready with something to do when we are left waiting........making that quick phone call to an old friend while the kettle boils, going through and deleteing unwanted emails on the phone while sat in the car waiting for the kids to come out of school, or as I'm doing now, updating my blog on my mobile while sat outside keeping my mother company.

Just having a few little tasks planned and ready means you'll be poised to take action whenever the opportunity arises. And it's never been easier than in today's world of mobile technology and connectivity.

The Magic of 3 Weeks.

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Chris Williams

Tue 7th Aug 2012 at 08:18 PM

I have read this several times now wanting to guage my response carefully before jumping straight in with my comment. Many people I have met recently who claim to be too busy are probably more likely to be disorganised or put a higher value of watching there favourite soap than some of us. Quite a few of us do not need to be constantly attached to technology, if we simply plan our day as you so rightly claim but that is a task that has to be taught to be learnt. So I teach my daughter indirectly to plan our days, buy discussing with her at length what we have time for and not during the day or week ahead. I also have to constantly remind my father that I have other people to consider when he is demanding my time, sometimes I am just not interested in doing that much need to be done task because I have been mentally and physically worn out for having to plan and think for three other people constantly, when maybe it would be nice if someone else thought oh I will do that give Jane a break. However what I find sad is in this is you think by sitting with someone you are keeping them company, that is simply not true and in many ways being insulting, you are protraying that the only way you can be in thier presence is if you are attached to your phone surely if you are spending time with that person it is about quality over quanity. I plan time to sit with dad and chat and yes its mundane and boring but to him it is priceless and if allow my attention to be distracted he is made to feel a burden stopping me from doing what I really need or want to be doing. To me he may not share the same taste in tv or music, but I wont have him forever and our time spent together helps me plan and track his progress assess where I need to step up to the mark more and most of all build memories of a man who may have known me 41 years but really hes only been apart of my life fully for the last 7 or 8 due to my mum being jealous of our relationship and causing dramas between us. My Caring role is a burden and would be nice if dad was more like a dad and not an extra child but when I join him he has my attention and not my existence, so we can be father and daughter because that time will never come back again.

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