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Canalside Walk

Posted on 4th Jul 2012 at 7:43 PM from Manchester
Listening to Elvis Costello :: Oliver's Army

Today I found myself in Hyde with a bit of time to kill. I could have taken myself off to a coffee shop or I could have sat in the car and dealt with emails while listening to an audio book. But instead I decided to take a walk along a short stretch of canal. Why???

One of my top long term goals is to own a canal boat so I decided to walk along the canal partly to get some fresh air but mostly to expose myself to the sights and sounds of my goal. Having my mind see the canal, see boats go past and note the features of those boats that I want on mine reinforces my goal in a way that writing it down can't. Normally I schedule in time for dog walks which involve the canals but today the opportunity was there and I made a conscious decision to take that opportunity there and then.

So today I have had a little exercise, some fresh air, something to fill my time, thinking time and some goal reinforcement. And what's more it was enjoyable and relaxing so what could have been dead time was turned into time well spent......I'm happy with that :)

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Chris Williams

Wed 4th Jul 2012 at 10:40 PM

In Ashton Under Lyne there is the Protland Baisen Museum and yard where they repair and restore Canal boats, When I was younger there was a canal festival Friday night was folk night, and real ale or cider, Warm bamy evenings in july singign out of tune to classic folk songs and praying I would not fall in on the way out. Pity Willow Wood Killed off the Canal festival by being greedy and raising the price of pitches for stall holders and investing in semi decent bands, if you ever get a chance call into the Staion Buffet bar in Stalybridge its a train spotters delight but a must see for something you would not expect to find where it is

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